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Four men stood together in a circle, accused of harboring a grudge against each other. They were told that each one must stand there (in the circle) until the time that he was ready and willing to absolve the grudge and forgive his neighbor.

Each of these men were neighbors on adjoining properties. The first man was angry because his neighbor's cows broke down his fence. The second neighbor was angry because, when the fence broke, and the cows were free, they went on his property and trampled many of his crops. The third neighbor, hearing of this was angry too because he felt that what happened to his neighbor and friend was wrong. The man whose cows broke down the fence was angry because he felt that his neighbors' anger was unjust; after all, it was an accident, nothing that was done on purpose.

Each of these men was in anger and the anger permeated the village in which they lived. Every day, the men would stand among themselves arguing and expressing their anger about what happened. Pretty soon, other neighbors who weren't involved became drawn into the energy of the argument.

Soon, the effects of all the anger started to surface. The crops started withering for no reason. The animals were becoming sickly and the people started to feel the effects, too. No one was thriving anymore. Yet, the men continued to be angry and hold on to their grudges.

One day, a visitor from another village came to buy some vegetables, as he had done many times before. To his surprise, he found the area in a dismal state, only to learn what had happened. He knew that something had to be done, so he summoned for help and that is when the people persuaded the men to step into the Circle of Love, hoping this tactic would help the men to see the truth, and let go of their anger.

On the first day, all four men refused to forgive and let go, and so they stood there, facing each other in anger. The people were distraught and cried out for help. 'Please help these men to forgive each other. The village is going to ruin and the people and animals are getting sick.'

Suddenly, out of nowhere, appeared a little girl. No one had ever seen her before. She was carrying a bunch of beautiful wildflowers and she wore a wreath of flowers upon her head. 'Excuse me', she said. 'I'm looking for a quiet, peaceful place to rest, a place where I can be welcomed and where the people are loving and kind. You see, I lost my family, and I'm all alone. I've been wandering for many days before I came upon your village.'

Everyone stopped and looked at her with wide-open eyes. There was silence, for no one dared to speak and respond.

The little girl just stood there looking bewildered and afraid, not knowing what to do. Finally, she stepped closer. In fact, she stepped inside the circle and she turned and looked into the eyes of each of the men. Her beautiful, innocent, loving eyes began to cry as she realized that she was still lost. She had not found a home.

'I was guided to travel to this village because I was told that it is a loving, peaceful place to live. Please tell me what has happened.'

The four men looked at each other and then the little girl, and it seemed as though all at once, they cried out to each other. 'I forgive you, for all that matters is that we take care of this little girl and that we return to our love and light.'

They were hugging each other and crying and laughing at the same time. Circle">All had been forgiven. They suddenly remembered the little girl. They looked around, but all that was left in the middle of the circle was her halo of flowers and a single white feather.

After that, the legend of the Circle of Love was passed down from generation to generation and the village was known as a Heaven on Earth for all who entered there.

Submitted by:

Diane Lynn

Diane Lynn is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher. She has been doing energy work and communicating with the angels since 1996. For more information and articles on the angels, see http://www.angelsisters.com.



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