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A Letter Of An Idiot.. Love? - Articles Surfing

The Intrepid Inquisition
(A letter from a boy to the one dear to him)
By sai

First of all I don't know what to say. Second of all I think I'm starting to say something. Third of all I think I'm quite getting it. Fourth of all here it goes. It begins every morning when I wake up and get ready for school. Normally I'd wait for my friends and for that trusty jeepney. It would just be any ordinary day until I started to notice a car pass my way. I could say that I didn't appreciate anything by that view. Then my friends and I had a fight. It was a pity we didn't talk for days, for weeks until a month passed. I didn't see the importance of standing in the corner and wait for someone because I had no one. Still the car passed by but now I witnessed a silhouette of a girl. She has that stare that seems endless. I just ignored it. Other mornings came but still I found no reason to position in that area and wait. No friends, lots of jeepneys but why wait? I can't seem to figure it out. Day after day I kept on wondering what I am waiting for. I think it's instinct that I wait but for whom or for what? Then one morning, it hit me. The car passed again. I realized that I'm waiting for a person. I don't know. All I know is that she's behind that tinted car's window. It's been three years and the window hasn't been opened yet not even once. Maybe chance didn't come along for me to take. There was no way. I mean I couldn't run after the vehicle and knock on the window and try to introduce myself. That's idiotic and typically crazy. I don't want to bastardize the morning. Then one day I was surprised to see that the window was opened. No one was there except the father. I felt so damned. I wanted to leave. Before I turned to leave I took one last look at the car and saw the very reason why I was waiting in that corner for more than an approximate of 1,095 days of my life. Finally I got a glimpse of her! I was dumbfounded. I saw her! I couldn't describe the feeling within me. I felt I had accomplished a goal. I can't seem to put into words the way she looked that day. She didn't seem happy or sad but to me she looked so beautiful. For the next days, I hoped to see more of her but the window was closed. I thought it would open until further notice. I almost gave up. I know that patience was never my virtue but I guess I have a little amount of it knowing that I've waited for three long years. I tried to ask people if they are familiar or acquainted with her. To my dismay, no one responded. I felt that fate wouldn't allow anything or any way to make me know her. Maybe I chose the wrong person or maybe I assumed too much that she's the one. Sometimes I even question if she had thoughts about me. I even doubt if she ever saw. Am I the one she's staring at? Then time came that opportunity rested on my hands. Their car broke in the middle of the road. Her father pushed it aside but he literally couldn't do it alone. I then decided to help. When I reached the stretch she went out of the car. I was amazed to see her. We successfully forced the car at the side. Her father thanked me and to my delight she spoke a simple 'Thanks'. I felt glorious. But the most awaited event happened when one afternoon, on my way home, I rode this jeepney, which happened to be the same PUJ she rode in. I sat across her but she didn't perceive my presence. I thought this is so hard. Then she turned to my direction and smiled. I smiled back. Mine was bigger than her smile, which indicated that I was pleased to see her. I finally broke off and said, 'How's your car?'. She replied and we conversed for the rest of the trip. Now we're good friends and I'm glad that the three long years of waiting ended splendidly or it has just begun.

I bet you get what I'm trying to narrate. I'm thankful that I got the chance to know the girl who makes my mornings better. I feel blessed with your company because I learned to have patience and I treasured the value of friendship. I set my ego aside and reconciled with my friends. I was relieved to know that they understood. Now it's you. For the 1,095 plus days that I sacrificed in silence, I found the encouragement to make this decision. I decided to accept the fact that I loved you and still love you at the present. It is not of my requirement that you respond or not for as long as I let you know what my mind and heart speak of. This is and will always be a fact. I dare not end this because I still have forever to wait.

The Inevitable Riposte
(Her reply)
By sai

It's really out of the ordinary that one expresses his feelings through personal mail. It is yet is much appreciated. First of all may I borrow your words? Second of all receiving the letter came as a shock. I never imagined that someone like you would write that lengthy composition for someone like me. I feel I'm not worth it but you made me feel I am. Thank you for the effort and the heart you placed in it. Third of all the three long years was very hard and extensive. I didn't know anyone who could wait that long as you did. I admit that I have seen you for countless times already. It has also been three years that I've been catching a glimpse of your early morning condition. You were the first one I noticed on the first day of our permanent vacation in the vicinity. I'd catch you at least twice or thrice a week. Sometimes you were with your friends or sometimes all alone. Then I'd see you again in the afternoon when we pass by your school on the way home. You seemed to have the best time of your life with your friends in that little eatery. Lately I'm surprised to see you standing unaccompanied. I knew you were waiting for your friends but one day I have observed that you and your pal had your backs against each other. I wondered if you were just being catchy or if you had an argument. I saw you one afternoon with another buddy. I thought it was a miracle to see you go home that early. Turned backs, new friend, early curfew, I concluded that there was really something going on. Until now you are still standing by yourself, waiting. I stared at you. You seemed to stare back. I asked myself once whom you have been waiting for. You were in a quarrel with your friends and there are lots of jeepneys around but why wait? Now it's the issue about the window. Since it's early in the morning the cold breeze would freeze me and the unbearable dust would fly around. I never thought about the fact that you could see me from the outside until a friend of mine once waved at me behind the closed window. I was quite horrified. I had this generalization that you could see me too. Then our car broke. I was not expecting you to help since I had this impression that guys would never dare or even try to sweat and smudge themselves with filth early in the morning. Perhaps I was wrong. You had more important priorities than vanity. I was enchanted to see you work hand in hand with the others. I thought you all deserved a 'Thank you'. The jeepney ride was pure coincidence wasn't it? I never wanted to do anything that would suggest of something meaningful like a 'Hello' but I remembered that you did a great deal of helping my father with the car. I was stunned yet felicitous to see you reply with that big smile. It did mean something to me. Fourth of all it's a good start. This time fate was just testing our persons. How would you imagine this: in 1,095 days, you kept on seeing this person, that same old face you catch a glimpse of every morning yet seemed to look better each day? Don't be flattered by what I'm saying because they're not meant to flatter you. I'm not trying to be apathetic or na've but I'm trying to keep this simple yet substantial. I know it's hard for your part to pour out everything that your mind and heart are screaming of. I congratulate you for being courageous enough to step up to the challenge and show the other side of you- the side I never knew. I admit that this is amazing. We were complete strangers but because of a reason that I don't know we became good friends. I'm quite fortunate to have you around. I don't want to say anything to you for now but this question is all that I could leave you with: How long is forever?

Submitted by:

Sai Ias

I write, that's all >> Please do judge my work. I'm open to criticisms.



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