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The Private Detective

Jack had always wanted to be a private detective. When he was young, he was always snooping into business that did not concern him. His parents used to tease him that one day he would grow up to be either a cop or a criminal.

Jack was living his dream. His reputation as a private detective proceeded him, and his services were highly sought after by both the private community and law enforcement.

Jack was working on a difficult case. His target was always one step ahead of him, and he could not seem to make any headway. Jack">All he needed was one little break and he could get the jump on Sloan.

Sloan was a rich kid who figured he could do anything he wanted, that he was above the law. This type of person incensed Jack, making him more determined to bring him to justice.

Sloan liked to hang out in bars, and that is where Jack spent most of his time. Sitting in the shadows of dimly lit bars, waiting to seize any opportunity that came along.

One afternoon, after months of following Sloan, Jack got his wish. Sloan, having a little too much to drink, got up leave the bar. When he attempted to put his cell phone, which was on the bar, into, it�s holder, he dropped it on the floor. The cell phone battery slid across the floor and stopped within inches of Jack. He knew instantly that this was the moment he had been waiting for.

Jack knew that if he could get the identification number of the cell phone, he would be able to build a case against Sloan.

Jack quickly scooped up the battery and snapped a picture of it with his cell phone camera. His only hope was that there was enough light in the bar for the camera to take a clear picture.

He walked over to Sloan, who was stumbling around looking for the battery pack and swearing under his breath. �Here ya go buddy,� he said passing the battery pack to Sloan as he walked toward the door.

Sloan slurred a quick �thanks� to Jack, but he was already out the door.

Jack quickly made his way back to his office, anxiously waiting to see if the camera took a clear enough picture.

When he realized that he could just make out the serial number of Sloan�s cell phone, he was elated.

Jack quickly went to work and installed recording software on Sloan�s phone. Now every call that Sloan made or received would be recorded. Jack would finally be able to make sure that Sloan was prosecuted.

After several weeks of listening to Sloan�s phone calls, Jack got the break he was waiting for. Sloan and his associates were caught in the act of buying large amounts of drugs to sell on the streets.

Jack was proud of himself for thinking of the telephone spyware software, and because he was not part of any law enforcement agencies, the transcripts were allowed at the trial.

Jack solved his case, and Sloan went to prison.
Jack was satisfied that Sloan was no longer above the law.

Submitted by:

Mary Potter

Mary Potter is an Agony Aunt for a small regional womens magazine. For information about this software or other like it please try one of these links http://www.thespyshop.ws or http://www.globalspystore.com


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