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In his ebook "Turn Words Into Traffic", Jim Edwards teachesyou step by step how to create articles right through togetting your article physically ready for distribution. Theauthor shows you how to take the hard work out of writingarticles by drastically reducing the time it takes to writeand produce them.

Many ebooks fail to keep the reader interested simplybecause the contents are just a re-vamp of another ebook andthen filled out with "fluff". This is not the case with"Turn Words Into Traffic" and the author still manages tofill over 160 pages with critical "How To" information. I amimpressed by the professional way that Jim has written andpresented this ebook but it does not stop there. Jimfollows up with a series of quality, unadvertised add-onswith even more tried and tested formulas for writingeffective and interesting articles easily.

Jim Edwards is well respected throughout the internetmarketing community and he has spent many hours testing hismethods before putting them into print and he uses exactlythe same formulas himself to sell his many ebooks andcourses. In his sales copy as well as the text of the ebook,Jim Edwards claims that anyone, regardless of theirprevious experience can write articles to promote anything, including software and ebooks and any scepticism that I had has been confined to the litter bin.

In "Turn Words Into Traffic" I found the most value in thefact that Jim doesn't just tell you how to write articles asan effective means of marketing your products or services,but he shows you step-by-step exactly how to do it. Thereare short assignments throughout the ebook for you tocomplete ensuring that you are pro-active during reading. Asummary of all the assignments make up your personal"article blueprint" for future reference on all articles youwrite.

"Turn Words Into Traffic" takes a truly hands-on approach,explaining logically and systematically, how to take aproven formula that has been rigorously tested and fine-tuned and apply it to your own personal requirements. Theebook is broken down into 2 Parts and a resources section.

Part 1 concentrates on the creation and production ofyour article and is further broken down into 11 steps eachwith an exercise for you to complete. These step by stepexercises will ultimately form your first finished article.

Part 2 of the ebook contains 11 sections and guides youthrough the best way to keep organised as you create moreand more articles using a recommended formatting tool andsome clever promotional strategies and tactics. Alsocovered, amongst other vital information is the right way ofcreating a compelling resource box and subsequent submissionto directories, ezines, websites and other effective placesto get your article noticed on the web.

As with all ebooks that have a vast amount of content toread and learn from, it can take time and effort to becomeenthused to start reading, but once you start to understandthe logical sequence of article writing shown in "Turn WordsInto Traffic", it begins to become clear. In a nutshell,it takes the "thinking" out of article writing.

In the past, I have found that I have a short attention spanwhen it came to reading and digesting information, so I didnot believe reading another ebook would make anydifference.I have been proved wrong in this case as not only have Iread the whole ebook from start to finish but I found it tobe a thoroughly enjoyable and informative read.

I usually like to apply some constructive criticism whenreviewing software or informational products but only whenthey deserve it. I cannot see how "Turn Words Into Traffic"can be improved upon as an informational product except toupdate the content when necessary to reflect marketingtrends at the time. When you buy an informational productyou expect it to deliver on its promise, especially when youhave probably been sold it through some slick sales copy.Does "Turn Words Into Traffic" deliver on its promise? (Doesa dog bark?)! I have no hesitation in giving this ebook9/10 for its sheer professional content. I would certainlyrecommend this ebook to anyone who wants to write articlesbut does not know where to start.

For more information on Jim Edwards's book "Turn Words IntoTraffic" please visit http://www.1st-4-income.com/turnwordsintotraffic.html

Hopefully, Jim Edwards will continue to create and publishother ebook gems on internet related subjects that willcompliment his current work.

Ian Simpson reviews software and informational products onthe internet for their value and usefulness. Subscribe tohis free newsletter at http://www.information4income.com

Submitted by:

Ian Simpson

Ian Simpson reviews software and informational products on the internet for their value and usefulness. Subscribe to his free newsletter at http://www.information4income.com.




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