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Money And The Downfall Of Our Currency - Articles Surfing

The story of wealth in America could never have been written outside the framework of the Constitution which defines the nature of our government. Widespread wealth, or the most goods for the most people, is not only the result of hard work. It results from placing chains on government which restrict its power and influence over its citizens, enabling them to dream, plan, and reap the rewards of hard work in an environment of competitive free enterprise.

Man is born with certain aspirations or hopes and he functions best when working towards goals of his own choosing. Ancient Egypt was a rich nation, strictly governed and it lasted for centuries. It was however, like a beehive in the sense that all of the Egyptian people were like worker bees answering to a higher central authority which controlled every aspect of their lives.

They never improved their economy and failed even to make the best use of their manpower and knowledge. Many are unaware that Egypt understood the principle of the steam engine but instead of using it to build and lift the burdens from the backs of the people; they used it to operate idols in the temple in order to frighten the populace into superstitious obedience.

Those who live in the Land of Liberty are free to try and free to fail. Those who live under tyranny enjoy no such freedom, but rather are compelled to obey. There are, I believe, certain natural economic laws which are inherent in our Constitution and other documents handed down to us by the Founding Fathers. These principles today are in eclipse and after decades of erosion by subversives and demagogues, the constitutionally limited federal republic is slowly being changed into a democracy.

Remember, Cicero believed that democracy would necessarily become mob rule, chaos and dictatorship. Seneca regarded it as crueler than tyrants or wars. Why is knowledge of economics necessary? The answer is simple. It cannot be separated from politics. Government has a monopoly on the legal use of force and by its very nature must make this force the basin of all its dealings with private citizens.

What government does, has a profound effect on the quantity of goods and services produced, the manner in which they are produced and how they are distributed. This affects our material well being as a nation, dependent on the most goods for the most people.

The first natural economic principle to remember is that government is Force. The governed are the producers but those who govern produce nothing. As a matter of fact, when the government gives you something, it usually has to take it from someone else.

Because government is force it has a tendency to perpetuate itself or increase its size and cope. In order to grow into tyrannical proportions, every means must be devised to remove the restrictions placed on bureaucrats by the rule of law. Therefore, the rule of law is gradually replaced by the rule of majority. You get majority rule by promising something to someone that you can deliver only if you have taken it from someone else.

Another cardinal principle of good economics is the natural law of Predictable Money. The process which cheapens money is not economic, it is political. The kind of money that would be best for our progress and economic stability would be money that always held its value and did not change.

The American dollar used to be the envy of the world. Everything everywhere, was valued in relation to the green back. Now we are victims of the New Economics, the fluctuating currency, the managed economy and the Full Faith and Credit of The United States Government.

The U.S. Government is squandering our wealth and doing all it can to insure that the middle class does not have a future. Let us hear no more about Faith and Credit. There is no provision for the Federal Reserve in the Constitution. Congress is charged with the coming of money. What we have now is a gigantic agency, which responds to requests for more money, by printing that money, leaving it to the government and charging us interest.

The problem is, the money is basically counterfeit. It is created out of thin air with no precious metal backing and nothing to guarantee value except The Full Faith and Credit of the United States Government. Well, we have been down that road before.

You cannot run your life on a dollar that changes value every day, any more than a carpenter could run his with a yard stick that changed every day. It is immoral and it is fraud. What is this law of Predictable Money? The more you print, the less it is worth.

Submitted by:

Zane Madisson

Copyright 2006 -- Zane Madison -- learn German words | Shaman of Oberstdorf | Chonrad Stoeckhlin and the Phantoms of the Night | Studies in Early Modern German History.



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