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7 Essential Steps To Gun Safety

Whether you are shooting, hunting or engaged in target practice, gun safety is one of the most crucial components of handling firearms. Following basic safety rules at all times when handling any kind of firearm will go a long way in preventing injuries to yourself and those around you.

Here then, are 7 gun safety rules that ensure that your gun does not go �Bang!� when you don�t want it to.

1- Always assume that a gun is loaded

When it comes to guns, don�t trust anybody but yourself. Irrespective of what anyone may tell you about the status of the gun, don�t believe it till you�ve checked it out for yourself. Taking it for granted could very well be the most expensive mistake you�ll ever make.

2- Make sure your gun is always pointed in a safe direction

If it�s not something you want to shoot, don�t point your gun towards it. Mistakes can and do happen despite taking every precautionary measure in the book. You don�t want your gun to be pointing in the wrong direction if that happens.

3- Never keep your finger on the trigger

Keep your finger away from the trigger while you are fiddling around with the sight or trying to aim the target. A little extra pressure on the trigger and your bullet will find it�s own target, which is completely different from what you had in mind.

4- Be aware of your target and all around it

When aiming at your target, it is important to be aware of everything that lies between you and your target as well as what lies beyond it. On the off-chance that you may miss your target, your bullet will keep going till it hits something. Make sure it is not something that is likely to die because you made a mistake.

5- Familiarize yourself with your gun when you are not shooting

When you step up to the firing line, you should already be a pro at handling the gun. The time to learn about proper grip, trigger control and shooting positions is when you are not shooting.

6- Be responsible about loading your gun

If you are carrying a gun for hunting or for self-defense purposes where you may need your gun in a hurry, you will have to carry it around loaded. Responsibility in handling a loaded gun is of prime importance. If carrying around a gun for any other purpose, where you are not likely to need it in a hurry, it is far better to carry an unloaded gun and load it only when necessary.

7- Never, ever shoot at hard surfaces

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you accidentally or purposely shoot at something hard such as hard wood, rocks or metal, the bullet will ricochet off the surface and come right back to you. Now that is likely to be one painfully nasty experience.

Taking every precaution when you are carrying a gun will ensure that you and everyone in your hunting party stay safe and sound. When it comes to gun safety, never hesitate to correct anybody who you notice is flouting the rules. Remember, it is your life that is at stake here.

Submitted by:

Gabriel Adams

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