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Bodybuilding Contest Diets- How A Typical Diet Works

The average body builder�s diet is anything but typical. Traditionally when a person diets it is to lose unwanted weight however in this case it is the opposite. Although when gaining muscle mass and losing fat one must increase exercise as well as caloric intake. Most important in its success is the balance of exercise and diet as well as rest. Building muscle takes a lot of energy from you and while draining you also must replenish.

In preparation for a contest bodybuilders are required to meet certain weight requirements. During prep they want to lose fat and gain muscle mass relatively quickly. The key to a successful diet is not just what is being eaten but when and how it is consumed. Balance between food and exercise can mean the difference between gaining fat and gaining muscle.

After resting for eight hours one should exercise early. This not only helps to get it out of the way but it gives your body the jump it needs to get going in the morning. The body uses all its resources throughout the night to repair itself. Therefore when you wake and are moving it is looking to burn more fuel, what you do now will determine what your body will do the rest of the day. Exercising now will make your body burn unwanted fat. Just 30 minutes when you rise in the morning elevates your metabolism and you burn fat over the next several hours.

Eating a healthy breakfast is vital to the process. Bodybuilders should eat six small meals a day instead of three large ones. Going to long without eating will lower your metabolism and not give your body the proper fuel it needs to keep burning fat.

Water is a vital part of all our lives, and when weightlifting water is greatly expended. Our bodies are made up of 90% water and must be refilled continuously about 8oz per 10-15 pounds of bodyweight daily. Dehydration can cause muscle cramping among other things and is not a welcome friend to bodybuilders.

Finding your average caloric intake before you prep is important. Keep a daily log of everything you consume for a period of 2 weeks min. Find the average daily calories and then add about 3-500 extra to start. This will be your base. If after two weeks you do not see any gain raise the amount another 300 to 500 calories until the desired gain begins. Protein will be a large part of your diet it is important to eat about 1gram of protein for every 1 lb. of bodyweight. Carbohydrates make up 30-60% of the diet because it is turned to fuel to keep your body going.

Fat intake makes up only 20-30% of the overall intake. It is important to maintain balance when it comes to diet; taking in more calories then are burned to achieve proper weight gain. Picking the proper foods will determine if the gain is fat or muscle. Striving to achieve your goal will be up to you if you put forth the effort we can all achieve greatness.

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Dane Fletcer

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