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Bowling Ball Tips - Control Your Ball Better With A Custom Surface - Articles Surfing

The first time you stepped into the pro shop, dollars in hand, to purchase your very first ball you saw just how many bowling balls there were. There were so many balls...all different colors, weights, and polymers; gleaming under the spotlights, seeming to yell "Choose ME!" You probably picked one that appealed to you because you liked the color or pattern on the ball.

Of course, your pro shop drilled your finger holes to fit you like a glove. That's fine for a novice player but now that you know what you're doing, it's time to consider the next step: customizing the surface of your ball to match your unique playing style and condition of the lanes on which you usually bowl.

Why resurface my ball?

By resurfacing your ball, you can gain greater control over it, and your score. However, before you rush off and start sanding, there are a few points to take into consideration before changing your ball, as what's done can usually not be undone!

Consider the following:

- How skilled am I to begin with? If you're still relying more on luck than technique to knock the pins down, resurfacing your ball probably won't make a difference.

- What are the conditions of the lanes where I usually bowl? Make sure that if you think a lane is too fast, that it really is fast and that you're not just having a problem bowling on the lane's particular oil pattern. If everyone seems to be having the same problem, then consider resurfacing your ball. By dulling the surface, your ball will grip the lane better, giving you greater control.

- Does your ball seem to lose all its steam at the end of the lane? If so, a shinier surface on your ball will help it conserve its energy in the beginning of the throw, saving it's power to knock the pins down. Use the ball polisher at your bowling alley to smooth and shine its surface.

- What do I want to accomplish? That is the single most important question to answer before proceeding. Many bowlers have ruined perfectly good balls by dulling the surface improperly. You may want to resurface your different balls in different ways to cover all possible bowling conditions.

How do I dull the surface of my ball?

Bowling balls can be dulled using very fine-grained sandpaper. It is imperative that the ball is rotated consistently as it is sanded, or else you risk ruining your ball. A bowling ball is a perfect sphere. If you accidentally take off too much of the surface in one spot, it can't be put back on! Your ball will be unbalanced, and as a result, won't go where you want it.

There is an alternative to doing it yourself. Your local pro shop will have a machine that can resurface your ball. Because the machine spins the ball evenly as it sands, there is no risk of ruining the ball by sanding too hard in one spot. It's always best to go slowly. By changing the surface of the ball gradually, you can gauge the effectiveness of the changes.

You've come a long way in your sport, and you deserve every edge you can give yourself. Resurfacing your ball can give you greater control of your ball just where you need it. It can be just the thing to give you that extra advantage and raise your score.

Submitted by:

John Tenn

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