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Correct Ways To Grip A Golf Club

The key to golf, as in any sport, is in mastering the basics. Which therefore means, a great game starts with a great and correct grip on the golf club. Here are some tips on how you can learn to correctly grip a golf club. Please note that these tips are for right-handed golfers. If you are left-handed, just reverse the hands on the tips:

1. Golf grips are important - if your golf club does not have one, remember to put one on.

2. Once you have your golf grip on, position the golf club head down on the ground, so that you are positioned as if you are ready to hit the ball.

3. If you are right-handed, release your right hand and let only your left hand is gripping the golf club (as mentioned above, if you are left-handed, reverse the hands).

4. The club should be gripped with your fingers, instead of resting on your palms. Adjust your grip of the golf club accordingly.

5. The thumb of your left hand should be pointed downward, directly towards the ground.

6. The point at which your thumb meets the rest of your hand should be positioned on top of the club.

7. Carefully place the grip of the golf club on the fingers of your right hand.

8. You must then look for a tiny vertical crease on your right hand, very near your wrist. This must be placed over your left hand and should fit perfectly.

9. Remember that the thumb of your right hand should not be pointed directly towards the ground, but should slightly be pointing towards your right shoulder.

10. To hit the ball straighter and farther, make sure that your grip on the golf club is relaxed. The more relaxed your grip, the straighter and farther will you be able to hit the ball.

11. If you have large hands, it is advisable to use an overlapping grip. Meanwhile, if you have medium-sized hands, you should use an interlocking grip. Finally, players with smaller hands should use a ten-finger grip.

12. The weight and pressure that each of a golf player's hands place on the golf club is of equal importance - for a right-handed player, the left hand is used to guide the golf club back to its original position, and the right to put the ball into motion at the downward swing of the club.

13. It is important that you check your grip every day to ensure that it does not constantly change.

14. Should you, however, decide to change your grip, be sure to try it out first before using it at the course.

A golf player's grip is his only contact with his golf club. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have the correct grip of your golf club.

Submitted by:

Anthony Lee

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