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Create A Plan To Improve Your Golf Swing

Just like in any other sport, business or life, you must have a plan to achieve your goals. The more specific this plan is the clearer your vision is to what you want. Set specific goals and put in place a program or system that will achieve those goals.

Golfers know they must be loose and flexible to make a full backswing loaded with power. They also know there is a reason why they are not hitting it as long as they should or want to. This is a lack of strength, specifically in the core area.

If golfers know this, why do they still ignore it and keep taking the same approach over and over again? It's like hitting your head on a brick wall repeatedly. Doesn't feel good does it?

I have seen hundreds of senior golfers decline so rapidly they want to quit the game. This is so unfortunate and doesn't have to be this way. Learning what's the cause of your short drives and inconsistent swings will get you on the path of better golf for many years to come.

It is critical you look at the 'cause' and not the symptom! If you can't make an optimal backswing, do you think the symptom means you should hit more balls or take more lessons? I don't think so. If you take a look at the cause, it is a lack of golf-specific flexibility in the muscles used to make your backswing.

With the above example, don't you think you should stretch those specific muscles if you want a bigger backswing? I would think so!

Just like a lack of distance. If you look at the symptom should you get a new driver or training aid. I don't think so. Don't you think your power muscles like your core are probably weak and cannot generate a high enough clubhead speed to hit the ball a longer distance?

How about injuries? If you look at the symptom... like a sore lower back, do you think you should just keep pounding balls, or maybe your should strengthen and stretch your lower back muscles specific to your golf posture and the mechanics of your golf swing?

The end-result of implementing a golf strength and stretching program is a massive improvement in performance and years of enjoyment. That's all many golfers want. A better game and years of having fun playing golf.

Don't be like every other golfer out there hitting the 19th hole after every round and making fun of the golfers who eat right and exercise. Why not be one of them, and you'll be getting the last laugh as you collect all the money after the round.

We're not even talking about golf here, but your quality of life for years to come. Don't you want more energy throughout the day? Does it feel like a dream to not have any aches and pains? This is all a reality if you just take action and start doing something right now!

I'm here to tell you, exercise will enhance every part of your life, including your golf game.

I hate to bring this up, but how about a better sex life? Hey...just because you golf doesn't mean having great sex shouldn't be at the bottom of your list. How about this list. Family, health, golf AND sex? Sounds like a winner to me.

Submitted by:

Mike Schlacter

For more information on Mike Pedersen's best-selling golf fitness system, visit his golf exercise site.


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