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Choose The Right Website Copywriter To Boost Your Website's Profits - Articles Surfing

Running a website is not an easy job; it takes some effort to make money online. There must be hundreds of millions of webpages out there struggling to be noticed by search engines and by their target audiences. If you are a website publisher who's eager to get your brand or service in front of the right readers, it would take more than just a good logo or business concept to get them flocking to and trusting your site. To grab people's attention and increase website traffic, you must provide something extra, something unique, something they may not find elsewhere. But the problem is, you may have so much on your plate as it is that you can't possibly provide grade-A content 100% of the time. Even great webmasters and website publishers need a little help sometimes.

If you think about it, no amount of black hat SEO or link wizardry will get you the long-term results you are really shooting for. High-quality content is what your target customers want. Skillful linkbuilding may build a lot of short- to mid-term traffic but classic content lasts a long long time. To make serious money online, you have to give your clients this content. Many website owners invest their time and money in web design and online promotions without even considering the importance of original content. Do you really want to look just like your direct competitor -- providing a mirror-image of their services to your readers and potential clients? High-quality content, as opposed to knock-off imitations and readily available templates, is crucial to a website's success. What you need are highly capable content producers who will drive qualified traffic to your website and give it some distinction. This is what competent and effective website copywriters are all about -- producing quality content for your website and help you make money online.

But before you hire, you must ask yourself what exactly you are looking for in a website copywriter. The following guidelines will certainly help you pick the best website copywriter to help you increase your online profits:

1. Can they produce quantity as well as quality?

This is extremely important; high quality content is imperative, and so is quantity. A constant and steady amount of high-quality material is an essential ingredient for a successful online business. A website copywriter has to be able to deliver both quantity and quality to make you money. With this in mind, you must ask them for a guaranteed daily quota. You would want a lot of work done in a short span of time, but you can't possibly expect high quality with that mindset. When you ask for too high a quota you will probably be sacrificing quality. Somewhere around 2000 words a day is average.

2. Will they be able to produce original content?

There are a lot of ways to ensure that your content is purely original. Ask the website copywriter for a guarantee that all written materials will be checked explicitly for duplicate content. To avoid plagiarism and other copyright issues, they must run their work through originality checkers such as http://webmasterlabor.com/tools/checker and http://copyscape.com, or other reliable duplicate content checkers available to them. Your content plays a very important role in search engine optimization. Passing off content that you can easily find in thousands of other sites won't help your PageRank or traffic at all. Original high-quality content is indeed the best way to optimize search engine results -- and a website copywriter producing original material makes it all happen.

3. Does the website copywriter have a back-up?

When you retain the services of a ghost writer for a long period of time (to produce blocks of content, for example), you must make sure that there are contingencies in place -- just in case they become unavailable all of a sudden. Having a back-up will ensure your deliverables. Moreover, you have to ask if the back-up is just as, if not more, capable than the original writer. You wouldn't want your content quality to nosedive whenever your leased writer is temporarily unavailable. Using a copywriting company, as opposed to a single freelancer, is your best choice if delivery and quality consistency are important to you.

4. Does the website copywriter have an editor?

Some website copywriters for hire could very well be their own editors. But wouldn't it be better if they had someone to help them with errors they could overlook themselves? Editors play a key role in this process because they make sure that the writer's work is delivered on time, every time. They check for grammatical errors, inconsistencies in flow, compliance with your instructions, and overall quality of the writer's work. Also, they function as project managers; they inform the writer of the topical and stylistic guidelines that the client requires.

5. Do they follow a quality-assurance process?

How can you be sure that you are getting materials that live up to your own standards? Would it cost you extra to send some back to the writer for revisions? Website copywriters should follow protocol as far as quality-assurance is concerned. First, they must submit a block sample of their work to the client. Second, they make necessary revisions after receiving client feedback. This process continues until the client gets what they want. Meanwhile, the website copywriter shoulders all costs incurred during these revisions. Quality-assurance like this will only guarantee the best results in output and client satisfaction.

6. Will the writer surrender full rights of the materials produced to the client?

All materials produced by a website copywriter must be on a purely work-for-hire basis. Ideally, the client assumes all rights to the materials obtained from the writers during the length of their employment or contract. Under the work-for-hire system, copyright ownership falls on the client and not the writer.

7. Can you, as the client, set the tone or style for the articles?

You can, as the hiring party, ask the website copywriter to follow certain parameters -- specifying demographics, for instance. As the client, you must also welcome the writer's preferences in tone and style for the job. To be able to work efficiently, you must allow them to make any suggestion that they think would cater to your audience better.

8. Will they accommodate your format requirements?

Ask for an OS platform-neutral delivery format so your text can be published correctly. These are usually in the form of .txt or .html files.

Website copywriters who offer these services and more will promote a business relationship that is result-oriented, stable, and consistent. With the best copywriter working for you, you can sit back, relax, and leave the arduous content work to them for a change.

Submitted by:

Fritz Dorado

Fritz Dorado is a website consultant. For more information on website copywriters or ghost writers, visit http://www.webmasterlabor.com



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