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10 Ways To Prevent A Candida Overgrowth

Candida is a normal bacterium in your body. When it is kept in check then your body is healthy. When Candida takes over, due to stress and other factors which can compromise your immune system, then you have a problem. However, there are a number of ways to prevent a Candida yeast overgrowth. In this article we will address ten ways to prevent this overgrowth.

1. Make your lifestyle hostile to yeasts

The problem of Candida yeast infections is that they often come hand in hand with a modern twenty first Century life style; they are part of the environment. However, to secure lasting health, the cycle of Candidiasis has to be broken. This means that permanent changes must be made in your lifestyle, particularly regarding your diet. It means a lifetime of avoiding junk food, refined carbohydrates and processed food. These dietary changes will protect you against Candida yeast infections, heart disease, strokes, obesity and diabetes as well; it is not all bad news.

2. Cut down your use of synthetic chemicals and pesticides in the home. This prevents you ingesting industrial alcohol.

3. Use natural remedies wherever possible for instance, ants hate ground cinnamon and they will not cross a line of it, pure, simple, natural, safe and not expensive.

4. Do not surround yourself by damp, mould spores are poisonous.

5. Foster a strong immune system and learn natural ways to control stress. Stress is important in our lives, it makes us feel alive, but too much of it releases adrenal hormones, which promote the growth of yeast.

6. Exercise regularly to deal with stress, walking is great exercise, both for the exercise and the fresh air, it help maintain a holistic healthy lifestyle.

7. The contraceptive pill or Hormone replacement therapy treatment both contain hormones that affect Candida, consider other methods of treatment.

8. Avoid steroids such as hydrocortisones, or broad-spectrum antibiotics. In America, it is not uncommon for teenage acne sufferers to take antibiotics for years as a routine acne treatment. These certainly do not help Candida yeast infections, apart form other factors which make them damaging to your health long term.

9. Do not take anti fungal medicine unless you are taking the Candida cleanse diet seriously. If you cheat then the yeast becomes resistant to treatment and the chances are that you will end up worse than when you started.

10. Seek medical advice or professional help, make sure that you have expert help in the following areas

� Accurate diagnosis make sure that it is A Candida infection

� Test results by themselves are not that helpful you need help to be able to interpret what those results mean to you.

� Be aware of the specific underlying causes in your disease.

� Be aware of other complications that pertain to your life, you cannot eliminate things of which you have no knowledge.

� The treatment you use must pertain to your individual needs and it should ideally be monitored, self help is vital but can be misleading.

By making sure that your mind, your body and your spirit are all in sync with one another you can help to rid yourself of Candidiasis without the use of harmful medications.

Submitted by:

Hyacinth Allen

Hyacinth Allen (Ceci) Author of "The Silent Sufferer" (The Hidden Horror Of living with Candida) http://www.naturalcandidacure.com


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