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15 Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Do you want to lose weight? These 15 tips will help you get rid of 10 pounds of unwanted fat. United">All that you need to do is to pay attention to what you eat. Make sure that you include good tasting, fresh and healthy quality foods. This includes your snacks. Make sure to include plenty of vegetables and fruit.

It is not necessary to make to starve yourself. Merely follow these simple tips to lose your first 10 pounds or to give your weight loss regimen a kick start. This plan is both balanced and flexible. You may use this for as long as you wish.

1/ Keep a diary of all of the things that you eat and drink. It is not necessary to count calories. Just write down what you eat. You will notice that just by being aware of what you eat will help to plan more healthy meals and snacks.

2/ Cut in half your consumption of fat. Use half the amount of butter or margarine on your bread, toast, potatoes and muffins. Use half the amount of oil that you cook with. Avoid mayonnaise and deep fried foods.

3/ Cut out foods with sugar and artificial sweeteners. This includes soda, ice tea, ice cream, most desserts and chocolate.

4/ Avoid red meat, eggs and dairy. Find vegetable quality foods that provide protein. There are many good tasting soy product presently on the market.

5/ Plan your meals around whole grains, beans and vegetables. This will increase your fiber and help to reduce fat.

6/ Eliminate milk from your diet. If you want to have some dairy, try yogurt without sugar. Look for yogurt that is rich in acidophilus.

7/ Include a couple of servings of fruit in your diet as least twice a day. You can eat this either for snacks or dessert. Try to choose fruit that is in season.

8/ Drink spring water or unsweetened herbal tea. Eliminate diet sodas and anything that is artificially sweetened.

9/ Have a least two vegetables with your meals. If you find that you are still hungry, eat some more vegetables.

10/ Take your time, eat slowly and chew extremely well. Your body is slow to register when you are full. When you eat too fast it is easy to eat too much.

11/ Grated carrots and apples make great snacks. They are tasty and satisfying.

12/ Make whole grains the stable of your diet. The fiber content will help you feel full and aid your digestion.

13/ Choose foods that you can chew well. This will increase your fiber intake. Just chewing well you help you feel more satisfied.

14/ Plan your shopping and your meals in advance. Make a shopping list of what you need and stick to it.

15/ Shut the television off when you eat. This includes both meals and snacks. Studies have indicated that we tend to eat larger portions when we are watching TV.

There you have. 15 simple tips that will help you to lose weight and keep it off. Learn to incorporate these habits into your daily life and you will lose weight, improve your health and generally feel better without effort.

Submitted by:

Kathryn Soloff

Kathryn Soloff is the co-publisher of http://www.natural-remedy-dot-com.com/fatburnerreviews/herbal_fat_burners.html where he provides additional advice, tips and hard to find information on Weight Loss. Sign up for our free ecourse: 10 Steps To Lose Weight Without Dieting


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