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3 Shocking Secrets Tobacco Companies Are Hiding From You - Articles Surfing

For as long as they have been around tobacco companies have been looking for unethical ways to get new smokers and keep existing smokers hooked on there deadly addictive products. From big tobacco's 1950 ads paying doctors nice sums of money to say on commercials that they smoke for there health, to unethical practices today of suppressing and discrediting homeopathic products which could really help many people quit smoking potentially saving millions of lives from this epidemic. This article will look at some of the unethical practices used in the past as well as today, and attempt to shed some light on alternative products currently being suppressed by big tobacco.

It seems every generation receives a new threat from big tobacco, so in order to understand the current threat from big tobacco I feel you should be educated on some of the most truly evil advertising campaigns big tobacco has ever put out. Cigarette ads in the 1940s and 1950s were famous for making cigarettes appear sophisticated, elegant, and healthy. Few of us are old enough to remember the truly evil deceptive ads big tobacco put out where they would pay some doctor to sell his soul to the tobacco companies aka the devil and say cigarettes have 'many great health benefits' and 'can extend your life.' That's right, they paid the people we trust with our lives to lie to us. Millions of people bought into there lie and ended up dying much younger than they should have. This was the absolute worst case of big tobacco deceiving people just like you and me, but this deception still exists, but because people have caught on to there lies they must be much more secretive about it.

Today the ailments cigarettes cause are out in the open, and because of there constant advertising to kids and lying about there products almost all forms of advertising is off limits. Due to this smoking rates are on a decline, but the fact is cigarettes are addictive and it is extremely difficult for those of us who do smoke to quit, so cigarette companies have switched from lying to get people to buy there product to using there power to silence companies with a real chance at helping your quit smoking. One fairly new technique that is constantly being discredited by cigarette companies is herbal stop smoking products. I believe these herbal products are the best at helping you quit smoking, and are definitely worth a try. Many herbal stop smoking products have different herbs that all do different things from producing a disgust for tobacco, to eliminating tobacco within your body, but most all herbal stop smoking products contain a herbal supplement called lobelia inflata. Lobelia inflata is an herb with many properties similar to nicotine with one big difference, its not addictive. Lobelia inflata has the same effects on your body as nicotine, so you are able to substitute your addictive nicotine addiction with this non addictive herb. The basic theory behind this kind of treatment is that the substitution of the non addictive herb will help you better deal with your craving while your body is eliminating years of nicotine in your body.

Herbal non smoking products are without a doubt the best kind of product available for those of us who want to quit smoking. Tobacco companies know they want to appear like the good guy. Like they don't want you using there product. One scam they have come up to counter other stop smoking products that actually work is to sell nicotine patches and gum. Cigarette companies were aware of the threat herbal supplements posed to there business, so they came up with nicotine supplements to counter herbal alternatives. The idea behind nicotine patches and gum sounds good, but the problem with nicotine supplements is that while they can stop you from smoking they don't eliminate your nicotine addiction. I have known people who have stopped smoking and have been hooked on nicotine gum for years. Chewing nicotine gum just becomes another habit just like smoking was. They are simply taking your addiction from cigarettes to a slightly more expensive product they can get smokers hooked on so they can continue to make billions. Due to the fact that herbal products are not addictive you actually have the opportunity of freeing yourself from nicotine altogether which can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.

No matter what the era, tobacco companies all seem to be deceiving you in the interest of profits. Continuing to give your money to these tobacco companies is unethical in itself. As long as consumers like us continue to give them our money, they will use it to get new smokers and to keep current smokers. I ask all of your to take a stand against tobacco companies and to refuse to give the tobacco companies another dollar. I strongly encourage all of you to do some research into these herbal products. To finally take the stand to quit smoking and to take a part in stopping them from continuing to kill our friends and family.

Submitted by:

Eric Tokar

I am sure all of you are interested in more information about herbal stop smoking products, so I set up a blog about specific herbal stop smoking products such as cigarest. Please visit and feel free to post any product reviews, questions or comments.



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