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3 Things We Shouldn't Forget About Natural Skin Care - Articles Surfing

Today the tempo of our life is fast and is getting faster every day. We spend more and more time at our job, which drains our inside energy. The food we eat is prepared faster and less healthy, we eat fast and rush back to our job. We get to sleep less than before, forget to drink enough water during the day and finally when we go on our deserved vacation we get too much sun exposure.

Wait, what am I talking about here? Wasn't this article about natural skin care? Do I write nonsense?

Think about all the above things I've said. If we live an unhealthy lifestyle like that, where do you think the consequences will show up?

The answer is: ' Our skin! ' So many people with skin problems usually believe that if they buy and use the products they saw on commercials, they will experience instant results. That could be true yes, but if our body is not healthy from inside no matter how hard we try to cover the skin problems, they will always be there.

What would you think if I told you that there are 3 things we can do to help our skin get healthier, rejuvenate, have that young glow and look fresh again, and that these things are almost completely free and everyone can do it, even you, today, right now, would you believe me?

These 3 things aren't something you can buy, they are something you must remember, and do every day.

First thing: Drink Enough Water!

I just can't express enough in words how important it is to drink enough water daily. Our body is mostly composed of water and more than any product that we see in the commercials we need simple, plain, fresh water.

Our body can't clean itself from inside out without enough water. If we don't drink enough water we could dehydrate our body and it could cause us several health problems like muscle soreness, poor muscle tone, excess of body fat, digestive complications and even retention problems. Those are just a few things that dehydration can cause.

When our body is not healthy inside, our skin shows that on the outside. And also fast aging of our skin is the most visible consequence of body dehydration. So, drink enough water. It's the best and easiest natural skin care you can do for your pretty skin.

How much water is enough? Daily Water Requirements: Drink 50-75% of your body weight in ounces. Sedentary people: 50%; Active people: 75%.


Pounds of body weight = 150 lb.

Water requirement from above

(75% of body weight for an active person) = 112.5 oz.

Add for dryness of climate + 16 oz.

Add for strenuous exercise + 16 oz.

Total per day = 144.5 oz.

Divide by the number of hours you're awake to find your hourly water requirement: 144.5 ' 16 = 9 oz.

Therefore, a 150-pound active person who works out should drink 9 oz. of water for each hour awake. (Info: 1 US fluid ounce = 0.029 liters)

This is only an estimate. "Actual milage may vary."

Second Thing: Get Enough Sleep!

Average adult person needs 7 hours of sleep, give or take an hour. But it's sad that today our life is so fast that most of us don't get enough sleep. And most of us forget or don't have enough time to unwind before we go to bed. I used to work whole day, even before going to bed and I never relaxed myself before sleep. So I always ended up lying in bed, not being able to fall asleep, because the only thing I was thinking about was that job stuff I was doing before the bed time. So here is my advice: Don't work late at night, if you must, relax yourself before going to bed. Take 20 minutes just to empty your head. Find out what works for you. For me a short walk on fresh air works just fine. This way you will sleep like a baby ;)

Getting enough sleep is just as perfect natural skin care as any product out there could be. So before using any products, get enough sleep and try to relax, you will be surprised how great this works as a natural way of taking care of your skin and your body.

Without enough rest your eye circles and puffiness can become more pronounced. Your forehead lines might also get deeper and your facial color might be less glowing.

So, get enough sleep! It doesn't cost a dime; it only takes your time. It's probably the cheapest natural skin care for your most beautiful skin.

Third thing: Avoid too Much Sun Exposure!

By monitoring sun exposure we can protect our skin from skin cancer, premature wrinkles, aging or sun damage. Too much sun exposure could blister our lips and make them sore and charred. I hate when my skin starts peeling, and that's what we get if we are not careful, also it leaves skin areas blotchy and sensitive.

That's it. No money can buy all the positive effects on our skin which we get by following these tips. Natural skin care doesn't always mean you have to buy some product to get desired effect. If you love your skin think about the things I've wrote. Your skin will be thankful to you. And others will notice positive changes on your skin.

Submitted by:

Zoran Gajic

Zoran Gajic owns a website full of free skin care and makeup tips. Everyone is welcome at http://www.easynaturalyou.com



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