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4 Embarrassing Body Problems You Definitely Want To Avoid - Articles Surfing

In a time when beauty and fitness is important, having any type of skin or body problem can be a cause for embarrassment, especially when other people find out about it. Having huge acne on your face, pimples on your back, spider veins on your legs are really nasty problems that you want to get rid of. However, these troubles are pale in comparison to the four most humiliating common body or skin problems listed below.

1. Bad Breath

Even if you are the most gorgeous guy or gal, people will stay away from you if you have bad breath. Nasty mouth odor is not only embarrassing, but may also be an indication of more serious problems.

Some bad breath can actually be eliminated by simple hygienic practices. Brushing in the morning after you wake up, every after meals, and before you go to sleep are some of the things you can do to get rid of foul mouth odor. Using a mouthwash, flossing your teeth, and keeping your tongue clean can also do the trick.

However, some people's bad breath comes from within. If you have been brushing your teeth, gargling with mouthwash, cleaning your tongue, or getting rid of cavities to no avail, then your halitosis might be caused by an ulcer or other stomach issues. A number of people who are dieting or fasting also have bad breath. If this is the case, it may be wise to go to a doctor or dentist to seek help.

2. Sweaty And Smelly Underarms

If you are in a gym or you are playing tennis, it is natural to have sweaty underarms. In fact, people will not really judge you for having wet circles under your armpits during these situations. However, if you are in a meeting, in an office, in school or in a date, you should never ever have sweaty underarms, not to mention smelly armpits.

Taking a bath regularly, changing your clothes and using natural anti-perspirants or deodorants can help eliminate your sweating and smelly problems. If you think that your sweating is profuse and excessive, you might have underlying problems that need to be addressed. If hereditary is not the reason for your excessive sweating, then you must have to be checked for thyroid or sugar-level-related conditions.

3. Excessive Facial Hair

Facial hair is not really a problem for men. In fact, some girls dig guys with thick beard and long mustaches. However, if you happen to be a girl, then excessive facial hair can really be an issue. Men do not like women with untidy looking uni-brows or appearance of mustaches and beards.

Tweezing, waxing and shaving are some of the ways you can trim your eyebrows and get rid of fine facial hairs. There are also some depilatory products that can be used on the face. However, if you think that your facial hair is really excessive, you need to visit your physician because you might have hormonal problems.

4. Smelly Feet

Men and women alike do not like to have smelly feet. Sweating, unclean shoes, and fungal infections are some of the reasons why people have bad-smelling feet.

If you have sweaty feet, you need to use foot powder or sweat-preventing socks or stockings to help make your feet dry. Making sure that your feet and shoes are clean is also important in preventing nauseating foot odor.

People with fungal infections, such as athlete's foot or toenail fungus can also have smelly feet. Athlete's foot is a skin infection that is easy to contract. You can get infected with this problem if you frequent public showers, footbaths or if you like walking barefoot in public areas. Use of anti-fungal creams and ointments can help eradicate this problem.

Toenail fungus is caused by the same microorganism responsible for athlete's foot. In fact, many people with athlete's foot eventually have toenail fungus. This nail problem is quite hard to eliminate. Sometimes, simply using an anti-fungal remedy cannot do the trick.

Submitted by:

Janet Martin

Janet Martin is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and published author. Many of her insightful articles can be found at the premiere online news magazine http://www.thearticleinsiders.com.



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