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4 Ways To Feel Better Without Seeing Your Doctor - Articles Surfing

Don't get the wrong idea I am not saying we don't need doctors, sometimes you just have to see a doctor for immediate care. It's one of the most admirable professions in the world and they have worked hard to get to where they are. However one of the most common misconceptions ever is, 'My doctor takes care of my body.' Your doctor will guide you and give you advice and prescribe appropriate medications, when you're sick. But I prefer to treat my health with preventive care rather than to wait until I get sick and then react to my body's symptoms with a prescription or OTC drug. The truth is your health is your responsibility! Not your doctor's, not your spouse's, and certainly not the hot dog vendor.

Besides, when you have to see the doctor, it takes your time, possibly one of your few vacation days you get per year. It takes your money and it's just not on most people's list as to how they want to spend an afternoon. Here are a few suggestions that you can start doing today that won't take a penny out of your pocket and you'll reap big results in a short time.

1)Get More Exercise

Have you ever sat around the house all day and never felt good? Now get out and do something active. You don't have to run for miles at a time to feel better. Take a 20 minute walk around your neighborhood with your spouse. Play basketball with the kids. On top of the known physical benefits exercise is a proven mood booster.

2)Think before you eat

I'm not a dietician but I do understand how you feel is directly related as to what and how much you consume. My personal rule of thumb: Before you eat think about how you will feel an hour later I love fried chicken, but if I eat it at lunch I know it may satisfy my hunger for the moment, but it does nothing to nourish my body and mind of vital nutrients. So, shortly thereafter I feel tired, slow and worse yet, hungry. So there you have it you have heard it for years. Look before you leap.

3)Slow down

Did you know it takes 20 minutes for your stomach to send the signal to your brain that it is full? That's right, so if you are still sitting at the dinner table enjoying your food and you start to feel full; it is actually too late you have officially overeaten. If you are dining with a family member or a friend enjoy the conversation and take your time. If you are alone put your fork down between bites and chew your food thoroughly. Savor it and when your hunger is satisfied just stop eating. You will actually enjoy it more. You will be amazed at how little food you actually need.

4)Get More Sleep

Think about when you get 8 good hours of sleep. You feel better when you wake up. You don't hit the snooze button 4 times to get the extra few minutes. (Which isn't going to do you any good). Everything seems to just be easier during the day from walking to your decision making at work. Your mood improves, you have more patience (an important trait for all you parents out there), among countless other positives. Here are some frightening statistics: 70% of adults' average less than 6 hours of sleep per night. If you miss 1 hour sleep for a week straight it has the same effect as staying awake 24 hours straight once a week.

Sounds too simple to work? Try it. It shouldn't be rocket science to learn how to feel good. These are steps that anyone can start doing immediately to feel better today.

Submitted by:

Mike T. Smith

Mike T. Smith is a father, husband, son and a brother. He is a student of life and uses his life experiences to help others. To reach Mike directly you may visit his site at http://www.themiraclefind.com or call him directly at (901) 387-0243.



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