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5 Ways To Lose The Weight After Birth - Articles Surfing

Being pregnant and seeing your body grow and expand to sizes and shapes you never thought possible, you may wonder if your body will ever be the same again. While pregnant your body is considered beautiful, purposeful, and miraculous. Many of us however, give birth, and then cringe each time we pass a mirror. Luckily we have our little ones to look at instead. And of course that bundle of joy is worth every newly put on pound, but how can you get back to your old body? Here are five effective ways that worked for me and countless other new moms wanting to re claim their pre-prego bod.

1. Only gain the recommended 25-35 lbs. If you are underweight to begin with you may need to gain a little more, you can talk to your doctor about what the exact appropriate weight gain should be for you. Keeping active and eating healthy are essential to not gaining more weight than is actually needed. You should never 'diet' while pregnant, just be cautious of extra calories. Just because you are pregnant does not mean it is a free for all. Your baby needs healthy calories, and it is better for you to stay active. Remember for every extra 6 lbs you gain over this amount- you can add one month to reach your previous weight and shape.

2. Breastfeeding. Breast milk is the best start for your baby anyways, and aside from all the benefits it offers your baby, it helps you to burn between 350-500 calories a day. That is the equivalent of an extremely strenuous workout, and all you had to do was sit on the couch and bond with your child. You will find that breastfeeding not only helps you loose the weight, but also helps you regain your shape.

3. Eat Healthy. You spent the last nine months making sure you were sending your baby only healthy and nutritious things. Why stop now? Hopefully by now you have a habit of eating what is good for you. Don't waste calories on unhealthy treats and fast food. If you are breastfeeding you need to watch what you are eating anyways. Keep healthy snacks around like cut up veggies and fruit and remember that drinks have calories too. Be aware of how many calories are in your coffee or juice. Try to drink 10-12 glasses of water a day. You need water for your body to help flush out the fat and toxins of extra weight, plus it will help you feel less hungry.

4. Play with your baby. Find ways to be with your baby that can burn a few calories. Get a pack and walk around the neighborhood with him. These extra 10-15lbs you are carrying around will make your walk more effective. There are tons of exercises you can also do while pushing a stroller. Get a group of mommies and go together for support. Your baby might also enjoy watching you dance around the room, lay on your back and 'super baby' him with your legs, lay him on the floor and do push ups up and down where he can see your face moving up and down.

5. When you feel ready, and after your body has had the chance to recover physically from the birth get out and exercise. Have your spouse, a friend or relative take the baby for just 30 minutes a few times a week so you can. It will be good for you to have a little break and just focus on yourself. Consider joining a gym, health club, or community center where aerobics, yoga, or water aerobics are taught. Walking and light running are also ideal. You will also want to include toning exercises into your routine, you do want to regain your shape and not just your weight. Various kinds of sit-ups and crunches are important, as well as lunges, push ups, and leg lifts.

Don't be discouraged if you don't see results right away. Remember your body has gone through a lot and you have a precious little baby as the result. Your body is amazing. It may take some time and effort but you will look and feel like your old self again. Take it slow and always consult your doctor about what will work and is best for you specifically to loose the post pregnancy weight.

Submitted by:

Janelle Anderson

Janelle Anderson is an expert in diet and healthy weight loss. For a healthy weight loss program that produces results, visit http://weight-loss-tips-for-free.com and download a free ebook full of weight loss tips.



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