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6 Pack Abs - Exercise Those Middle And Upper Abs

Below I have summarized 3 of the most popular middle to higher ab exercises which are performed by personal trainers all over the world. These exercises will help avoid that usual back ache and pain that most people experience while performing the usual ab exercises out there.

Also, please note that achieving 6 pack abs is not going to happen by simply performing these exercises alone. It is absolutely vital that you start eating correctly and ultimately start following a fat loss diet that works. As you may know by now we all have underlying 6 pack abs, but the only way to make these visible to the rest of the world is to shed that extra layer of fat. (See the end of this article for a resource link on a complete list of foods which you should be sticking to.)

The ab exercises below do not require any gym equipment and can be performed in the comfort of your home.

- Reverse Crunch

Start off by lying flat on the floor with a neutral spine. Make sure that your knees at a 90 degree angle and that your feet are a few inches above the ground. Your legs should be together, and hands by your sides on the floor. Now contract your abs and lift your pelvis up and in toward the direction of your rib cage. Breathe out as you're contracting, and then breathe in while returning to your starting position. Repeat this process until failure.

- Bent Elbow Plank

Start off by lying on your belly and then lifting yourself onto your toes and forearms (your elbows should be lined up with your shoulders). While doing this contract your abs while trying to keep your back as neutral as possible. Now hold this position for roughly 5-6 seconds, and then rest. Repeat this at least 40-50 times, or until failure. If you're a beginner, you can simply start off on your hands and knees keeping your spine neutral, and then simply contracting your abs while breathing out trying not to move your back.)

- Bicycle (this works like a charm)

Start off by lying on your back and keeping your hips and knees bent at roughly 90-degrees. Keep your chest curled above your ribs, and put your hands behind your head (or ears). Now stretch your left leg out while bringing your right knee down towards your chest, and pointing your left shoulder toward your right knee. Now do the opposite and stretch your right leg out bringing your left knee back down towards your chest. Perform this in a slow and controlled motion trying not to shift your hips. The exercise should look like you're peddling on an invisible bicycle while lying on your back.

It's important that you perform these exercises correctly as it's easy to damage one's back and spine. Also, there are so many exercises out there that simply result in and back ache and pain, so please be cautious about what you read.

Submitted by:

Dale Purdon

I highly recommend signing up for this popular FREE 6 Pack Abs Mini Course which explains exactly what exercises to stick to and which ones to avoid when trying to achieve those 6 pack abs.


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