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7 Top Fat Burners For Women

Fat burners for women are very much the same as for men. The main difference lies in way in which the body responds for both men and women. One of the best options for women is to get involved with interval weight training. This helps a woman to lose pounds and burn fat fast.

Did you know that aerobic intervals are by far the most effective ones? These can range anywhere from 20 seconds to five minutes, or even more depending on your physical condition, lifestyle and fitness.

To accomplish this, here are fat burners techniques for women.

1. 15-Second Intervals

With this, people can reach near peak power output. The key however is to make sure there is adequate recovery in between the intervals. While it is challenging to do 15-second intervals using machines at the gym, the results are incredible.

2. 20-Seconds On and 10-Seconds Off

This is tough, which is why it focuses more on the moderate to advanced person. However, fat burners for women of this type work. Designed from the Tabata protocol, which was created by a Japanese scientist, this type of interval training is definitely hard. The challenge is that when using machines, it takes time to increase settings to reach the optimum results but again, it works.

3. 30-Second Intervals

Fat burners for women also include 30-second intervals, which can be done by beginners and advanced individuals. However, people just starting out should rest about 90 seconds in between each of the intervals. Those who are accustomed to working out can rest about 30 to 45 seconds. The concept is that by resting after intervals for longer periods, the body responds better.

4. 45-Second Intervals

In this case, fat burners for women are highly effective for eliminating serious amounts of fat. In fact, because of the intensity but also incredible results, many professional athletes use this type of training method. For the best outcome, the person needs to allow the body to rest between intervals anywhere from 45 to 90 seconds.

5. 60-Second Intervals

Now, this particular method of fat burners for women is somewhat like the 45 second interval routine but to get the highest possible benefit, resting time needs to be from one to two minutes.

6. 120-Second Intervals

In this case, the person is doing what are known as aerobic intervals. Because of the way in which these work the body, in addition to losing fat, sports performance is also increased. To do this the right way, it is recommended that the person do two minutes of exercise, followed by a two-minute rest period. This schedule is done six times and soon, the results will be seen in weight loss and a firm body.

7. 5-Minute Intervals

The final solution for fat burners in women is the five minute interval. The goal here is to do five minutes of workout, followed by two minutes of rest. In addition to increasing the amount of workout time, this is also a serious workout, one done by top athletes, specifically those getting ready to compete.

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John McEwen is a professional fitness coach with over 10 years of experience in coaching his clients towards achieving their weight loss goals through healthy diets and consistent workouts. For FREE fat burn and weight loss tips, go to http://www.FatBurn4Idiots.com


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