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Abdominal Liposuction

Surgical beauty a boon or a curse?

People are generally confused and tensed when they hear about Abdominal Liposuction. There are many justifications about it like for example some people say that liposuction could give a flattened shape to your abdomen, face or neck. Yes this is true, liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that permanently removes the fat in a particular area and helps stimulate and tighten the skin thus giving it a more firm and toner appearance. Liposuction is also done on the face, arm, chin, breast and pubic areas, but the most common one as per statistics is the abdominal liposuction. This is really a boon to men and women who have crossed 40. People who cross 40 are most frustrated with their sagging abdomen and they find that exercises that concentrate on tummy are quite time consuming. Therefore most of the people prefer abdominal liposuction.

Pros of Abdominal liposuction

Liposuction is one of the most modern and safe cosmetic technique that helps patient look beautiful within two hours, Sounds interesting isn�t it? The entire procedure takes two hours and the patients can resume their normal activities within 48 hours. This procedure is utilized by people whose abdomen begins to accumulate fat. Men usually have fats deposited in the abdomen thus leading to large belly and women call it love handles. Women usually experience this after their delivery. Liposuction is a very safe procedure and it helps people regain their confidence level. Today the job market relies on external presentation; therefore liposuction acts like a savior to those who lack natural beauty.

Research from Christopher Freville, a scientist at Detroit, shows that Liposuction also helps people prevent many health problems because researchers have proved that health problems are caused mainly due to fats deposited around the middle part of the body. By removal of fats, people will suffer less from heart problems due to cholesterol, diabetes, liver problems etc.

Cons of Abdominal Liposuction

As every good thing has side effects, liposuction also has its own disadvantage. If the abdominal liposuction is done to remove nominal fats then the patient can resume light desk jobs within 48 hours of the operation but if the fat amount is quite high then the patient might have to stay in the hospital overnight for supervision.

Risk factor comes only when large amount of fats are removed by abdominal liposuction. Fats in the body is removed by the doctor using stainless steel cannula, so when the amount of fat is less, the action is done with high precision but when the amount of fat is more the doctor tends to use big cannula so that he can suck the fats in larger quantity. This kind of action can sometimes puncture the nearby organs. Due to this the procedure can be sometimes fatal.

Therefore to avoid such risks the patient should go in for small sittings and remove small amount of fats instead of opting for one shot. Hence to avoid risks, understand the procedure well and go through the record of the doctor. Always find a doctor that specializes in abdominal liposculpture.

Submitted by:

Hilary Templeton

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