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Nearly everyone suffers from acne. Its something that plagues us all sooner or later. The causes of acne have been linked to hormones, age groups, and Candida problems which is in my opinion the main cause of acne. So lets start there.

Q. What is acne?

A. Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands which when inflamed causes acne to occur. This is characterized by pimples on the face, back, chest, and other areas of the body.

Let's not get into complex terms. Instead lets focus on the fact that it occurs because of an inflammation. Some believe this originates during the teenage years and continues until they the person reaches their early 20s. This may be true in most cases BUT many people continue to have acne long after this period!

This is where puberty and hormones can no longer be used as an excuse and a REAL reason needs to be found. The reason acne occurs is because of a Candida overgrowth which causes the sebaceous glands to become inflamed which in turn leads to acne.

Q. What is the Candida?

A. The Candida is a yeast that is located in your digestive system and has the ability to grow given the right circumstances. When it does grow, it stimulates acne.

Q. What causes the Candida to grow?

A. The Candida can grow due to an overdose on antibiotics and chemical substances that are ingested by a person. These chemicals stimulate the Candida to grow and should the ingestion of such things continue, then it will continue to grow. People who take many medications are at risk.

Q. Why is a Candida overgrowth dangerous?

A. Should the Candida reach a certain stage of its growth it can spread its "spores" through your intestinal tract and can even puncture the walls of your intestines causing acid from your stomach to leak into your organs potentially causing serious damage. Even weight loss has been traced to a Candida overgrowth!

In addition yeast infections commonly found in women are a sign of a Candida overgrowth. Yeast infections can be dangerous and can cause serious problems. If you would like to find out more a very helpful informational site has everything you need to know about the Candida and its causes.

Q. What can I do to protect myself from a Candida overgrowth?

A. The most common and suggested way to protect yourself from a Candida overgrowth OR help decrease an already existent Candida growth is to avoid taking antibiotics unless its absolutely necessary! As I mentioned before antibiotics stimulate the growth of the Candida so why would you want to "feed it?"

You can also avoid eating foods with chemicals. In my experience I found that the most common stimulants of Candida growth were: White processed sugars and sugar filled foods, white flour and white flour foods such as cakes, cookies, and so on, milk and dairy related products (Yes its true because many dairy products on the market today are filled with growth hormones that chemically change the milk we drink even though we may not taste it, its there.)

Q. But how can I avoid consuming these things if they are all around me?

A. Consider eating organic sugars or for a substitute organic honey. For flour try to eat "whole" products which is basically filled with natural flour that isn't processed. For milk... You guessed it ORGANIC!

Q. Besides avoiding and sticking to the products mentioned above is there anything that is less transitional and fast?

A. Yes there is and even though I wanted to save this for the experiment I spoke of, I will mention it now to calm your suspense. The answer is RAW UNFILTERED ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! This can be found (and I recommend you look for it there) at your local health food store and make sure the label matches the caps above!

This product is known to negate the Candida growth and stop its dangerous infections. In addition apple cider vinegar can help with acne (which I will talk about later) and contains many vitamins/minerals that can help improve your overall health. For more information please visit: healthrecipes.com/apple_cider_vinegar.htm

You can also eat garlic which is known to kill yeasts and funguses. In addition garlic also helps lower cholesterol and improves blood circulation. I recommend you eat real garlic and not garlic in capsules of the the popular product "garlique". The reason for this is because eating the original is best in my opinion and from my own experiments. The other products which are "sugar coated" if you will are not the original garlic and are processed making the original and pure garlic nearly non-existent.

I though you mentioned something about an experiment?

Yes I did! As I mentioned earlier I used to suffer from acne. It was obviously something I was embarrassed to have and wanted to do something about it. I have always been a skeptic for moisturizer products out there because they only deal with the outside portion of your problems. I always knew the problems I had (in this case acne) originating from the inside. I began doing research and found clues and tips on how to deal with it.

What I did: I brought garlic cloves and a bottle of RAW UNFILTERED ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR for around $5 and slowly began drinking the recommended dosage. NOTE: Do not try to drink this substance without first mixing it with large amounts of water. It is FAR too acidic to consume and can be very dangerous if it isn't mixed with water. That doesn't mean its unhealthy for you. It is acidic BUT when used correctly it is VERY beneficial for your health.

After about 2 weeks I saw a difference on my face. I had less acne and less "breakouts". I was very amazed at its effect. Though it wasn't the tastiest drink for me, I still continued on and at one point I just stopped drinking it.

Around 3 weeks after I had STOPPED drinking it. As a result my acne had come back and I began having more breakouts. I knew it was because I had stopped drinking the apple cider vinegar.


I also realized the cause of my acne was in fact my habit of eating too much sugar. As I said before sugar is one of the prime reasons for the Candida growth, which stimulates acne. I apologize for not mentioning that fact before.


Even though I was drinking apple cider vinegar and my acne was lessening, it was still existent because I had continued consuming large amounts of sugar while drinking the apple cider vinegar. In a way I guess you can say I was feeding and killing my Candida at the same time.

It was when I stopped drinking the apple cider vinegar and continued consuming large amounts of sugar that I saw the change. I began to see a lot of acne on my face and it was as clear as day what it was because of.

Drink apple cider vinegar if you can. The reason I say if you can is because there are some people out there who can feel a burning sensation when they drink it which is a sign of a weak stomach and acidity that is only increased when you consume apple cider vinegar. In this case you can:

Mix less apple cider vinegar with more water and see that works. If the burning continues STOP DOING IT!

As for garlic I do not believe there is any reason for anyone to avoid this product other than the fact that it gives you bad breath. Yet with all its health benefits i'll gladly put up with bad breath.

Although the advice I mention above is my own based on personal experience and research I still recommend you consult with your doctor if you are unsure about apple cider vinegar and garlic. I am not sure if many doctors know about these amazing products because many doctors are used to "promoting" conventional products like drugs and are not familiar with apple cider vinegar (garlic is more conventional but in this case VERY beneficial).

If by some rare chance you are unable to consume the products mentioned above there are other things that help "CLEANSE" your body of acne. Notice I said cleanse.

This is quite possibly the most effective thing that you can do. Cleansing can be done one of two ways:

1) Sweat - Your body sweats and releases toxins stored in your your body that have accumilated through the products you have consumed and even the air you breath (depending on where you live). Sweating is very simple. You can exercise, go to a sauna (which I recommend), or even perform manual tasks that cause sweat to occur.

2) Fasting - This means you do not eat for a certain period of time. The most effective fasts can be anywhere from 3-7 days and if you can pull that pull that off (7 days) then my hat goes out to you!

Remember acne originates from the inside, not out. In order to get rid of it you have to clean your body from the inside because if you have acne, it means that some imbalance is taking place within you. The products and methods mentioned above do a GREAT job of helping you clean your body.

Also its important to stop putting in the same products that caused the problem in the first place. I've mentioned several products above that stimulate the Candida into growing. If you cant completely stop consuming those products at least try to lower your consumption of it by at least 50%. As I said before I used to eat alot of sugar and that was the cause of my acne.

Although I am still trying to stop eating sugar, it isn't easy. We're not all perfect, but regardless action needs to be taken in order to get rid of acne. Good luck and best of health!

Submitted by:

Vitaliy Gershfeld

Acne is not the biggest problem we face nowadays. Far worse health problems potentially await us if we are not careful. There are many precautions one can take in order to avoid them. To find out more please visit: http://www.naturalenigmas.com/ and http://naturalenigmas.blogspot.com/



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