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Alert To All Computer Users!

Eyestrain is another ergonomic problem frequently associated with the use of computers and Video Display Terminals (VDTs). Keep in mind that the solutions presented here are only recommendations. If following these recommendations seems to make matters worse, try something else! If you aren't experiencing headaches or eyestrain while you work at the computer, don't worry about making changes; obviously your setup works for you.

When people concentrate, they blink less often. Sometimes they concentrate so hard that they blink only once per minute, instead of the normal once every five seconds. This, too, will cause the eyes to dry out and become irritated. The Solution? Take micro-breaks! Frequently look up from your monitor and focus on an object several feet away. Make a conscious effort to blink.

Computer screen glare, inadequate room lighting and poor ergonomics are all known to contribute to eyestrain. The convergence of our eyes however is the main factor why we have computer-induced eyestrain.

Every once in a while, change focus by glancing across the room or look out the window and focus on objects at least 20 feet away. Then, lightly cup your eyes with your palms, and relax for 60 seconds. Or, look away from the screen, and roll your eyes up and down, around and side to side. Eye Exams If you experience chronic eye problems, have your eyes examined by an eye care professional.

If you work on a VDT, be sure to tell the doctor. Anyone who works regularly on VDTs should have annual eye exams, and people over age 40 may need more frequent checkups.

Invest in a special prismatic lens to reduce convergence demand on the eyes while we look at a near object such as a computer. The lenses are tinted to cut down glare and UV radiation, and they are non-magnifying. Most importantly, the prism feature of the lens will gently re-position our eyes to a more natural and comfortable position, relieving demand on eye muscles. This indirectly relaxes the focusing effort, providing a reduction in tension and enhancement of clearer vision.

Submitted by:

Jerry H. Hall

For complete information on Good Eyesight, visit http://EyeExercise.smartreviewguide.com


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