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Exercise is one of those activities which, while universally accepted to be good for the body, is, as much as possible avoided by most people. For those who exercise due to their doctors' order, the activity is like one of the bitter pills to swallow. What is needed here is motivation. With the right motivation one can do even difficult tasks. So, how does one get motivated?

First, you have to know yourself in terms of motivation. What motivates you? Are you the kind of person who is externally motivated- that is, you need outside motivation in order to move or start with whatever project is at hand. Or, are you the type who is internally motivated, which means the power to stay motivated is within you. Maybe, you are both internally and externally motivated. Whatever makes you motivated, it should be clear to you.

Then, set your goal which, in this case is to exercise. Goals must be specific, measurable and time bound. By time bound it does not mean that one has to stop after reaching the goal. It could be continuous if that is the timeline stated in the plan. Examples of goals are: to lose 2 kilograms weight within 10 months or to walk 2 kilometers daily after 6 months. Record these goals which could include realistic photos after the target weight loss has been achieved or a chart showing the target walking distance per month.

Make a plan on how to achieve the goal. The goal should state the overall goal and the short-term goals .Make a list of activities with specific dates. Many goals are not achieved because there is no clear set of action plan or activities to reach the goal. The plan should include the schedule and place of the exercise. The plan should also be written. If you are motivated externally, let people whom you think can help monitor your progress know about the goal and the action plan.

Implement the plan. There should be some record here to document compliance to the plan. It could be as simple as a mark in a calendar. Measure the results every short term period. If you planned short term goals every month, make a record of how much weight was lost or the new distance walked. If the goal was achieved, reward yourself. If the short term goal was not met, analyze why and make catch up plans to be on target next month or reset the goals.

Make a commitment to faithfully follow the plan. If the results show that the plan does not give the desired results, review the plan by yourself or with the help of experts. Commitment is the most important part of the success of any program

Make exercise a part of your day to day activities. Make a schedule when you have to exercise and not just accommodate it if you have extra time.

Be well informed of the benefits of exercise. Make a separate plan to educate yourself on the benefits of exercise. This should be a more extensive reading list. If only every person is so well informed about the functions of the different systems in the human body and how exercise helps to keep them healthy, exercise would not be like a burden. Modern technology has resulted to many machines and gadgets that need thorough study on how it functions before they can be used effectively. Many people consider mastery of the operation of these machines a must to keep up with modern living. Why not master too the only body each of us has? Exercise does not just result to weight loss or harder muscles. There are more important benefits inside the body that one can appreciate only if he or she is well informed of how the body functions.

Exercise should be an enjoyable activity. One way is to make exercise less boring by listening to your favorite music while walking or doing whatever exercise you have in your plan. Another way is to exercise with family members or friends.

Start to exercise and you will have the most effective motivation to continue - the good feeling of a healthy person.

Submitted by:

Sam Morovy

weight loss, creatine, hoodia, fish oil, and glucosamine.



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