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Endometriosis Infertility: An All To Common Problem - Articles Surfing

Endometriosis is a well-known cause of female infertility. It is a condition involving misplaced endometrial tissue. This is the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus. When this tissue grows outside the uterus, and attaches to other organs in the abdominal cavity like the fallopian tubes and ovaries this is known as endometriosis. Endometriosis infertility can be a problem for many women.

Endometriosis is a progressive disease that can also reoccur even after treatment. Some of the most common symptoms are painful menstruation cycles, as well as abnormal pain and bleeding during or after intercourse.

The endometrial tissue outside the uterus responds to the hormones of the menstrual cycle in the same way as the tissue inside the uterus does. It thickens, swells and sheds. This suggests that a new cycle is beginning. The trouble is that blood shed from the endometrial tissue into the abdominal cavity has nowhere else to go. Therefore, pools of blood cause inflammation that forms scarring and eventually adhesions.

When scar tissue like this blocks the fallopian tubes it also interferes with ovulation as the egg cannot reach the uterus. Another side effect for many women is that ovarian cysts called endometrioma are formed. These cysts may also interfere with the woman's ovulation, and thus her ability to get pregnant.

Endometriosis can effect fertility for the following reasons:

1. Women who have deep pain while having sex may want to have intercourse less often, therefore decreasing the chance of getting pregnant.

2. Scar tissue from endometriosis forms adhesions that can surround the ovaries, therefore restricting the ability of the surface area to hold the egg when the ovary releases it.

3. Adhesions that affect the fallopian tubes can also interfere with their ability in picking up the egg that has been released by the ovary, and then transferring it to the uterus.

4. Endometriosis disrupts the normal cycle of the ovaries in developing and releasing the egg.

5. The peritoneal fluid that can be found in women with endometriosis can have increased numbers of scavenging cells that can destroy 'alien' cells. Sperm cells can be targeted and fertilization becomes impossible.

There are ways for a woman to improve her fertility, but that is after she's been properly diagnosed and received treatment. Generally women with endometriosis induced infertility undergo a surgical procedure known as laparoscopy to remove or vaporize any endometrial growths in the body.

Pregnancy rates that follow this treatment range from 35 to 65 %. Research also shows that women with mild or minimal endometriosis benefit from surgical and medical treatment, versus no treatment whatsoever.

1. Women can still increase their chances of getting pregnant a year or two years after the treatment. Doctors suggest that denazol be used alongside the surgical treatment. Pregnancy rates increase when this is done.

2. Natural therapies such as acupuncture, acupressure, aromatherapy, homeopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine among others, have proven successful for women with endometriosis who are trying to become pregnant.

3. Eating a healthy diet and taking exercise to boost the immune system and keep you body as nutritionally fit as possible can also improve changes of becoming pregnant once the reproductive organs have been repaired.

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Now you know a bit more about how endometriosis infertility happens and what you can do to overcome it. If in doubt, speak to your medical provider.

Submitted by:

Shelley Ross

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