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America's Impending Recession Is Good News For MLM - Articles Surfing

When you go back in history, it is when there was a recession when some people got rich! This is the beginning of 2008, and after President George W Bush's speech, markets are jittery due to fears of a recession in the US economy. America's impending recession, however, brings that window of opportunity, yet again, for the American people - and thanks to the global village that this planet has become - for people around the world to cash-in on America's sagging economy. And please don't get the wrong end of the stick, I*m not rejoicing over this, in this article my intention is to state the obvious and to guide you as regards where, when and how to step-in-to-cash-in on a recession. My timing couldn't have been better.

The United States* Recession of 1937 -38 was a sharp economic downturn. In two months, unemployment rose from 5 million to over 9 million, reaching almost 12 million in early 1938. As unemployment rose, consumers* expenditures declined, leading to further cutbacks in production. During the recovery phase that began in mid-1938 and when the war came, manufacturing employment leaped from 11 million in 1940 to 18 million in 1943. Back then the manufacturing industry saved the day, but today, with the advent of information technology that has in recent years been pioneering the telecommuting lifestyle, network marketing - otherwise known as multi-level marketing (MLM) - is set to come to the rescue of those brave and sharp enough to grab a work-from-home opportunity when they saw one.

Typically, large layoffs, outsourcing, and a jobless recovery are the adverse effects that afflict an economy in crisis following a recession. Formerly high-paid employees are forced into much lower paid service positions. Many credit homeowners take-out second mortgages on the added property value and use the funds to boost consumer spending at the request of elected officials who back in the 2000's recession told Americans it was patriotic and that they should spend their way out of the recession. There is now debate as to whether these actions were wise. That said, it is now extremely easy for the qualified professional to find outsourced work with the click of the mouse. Nowadays, anyone anywhere in the world can bid for work that is outsourced to the developing world where rates are lower and hence favorable to companies in the west as a cost-cutting strategy. When the recession in America hits, you'll want to be in that booming outsource workforce. For one, English being your first language in itself, makes you more marketable. And although the pay is perhaps lower than your local wage package, the strategy to success here is to take on as many jobs as you possibly can, and to combine that with other forms of online residual-income-generating vocations available on the Internet. Like self-publishing, network marketing and so forth.

Money-Saving-Coupons are a great way to save money on your purchases. In a recession, people will want to save money wherever they possibly can. But did you know that now, you can also make money giving-away free money-saving coupons? Thanks to the modern day work-from-home gurus this opportunity is now available as an online-based business opportunity for anyone anywhere in the world.

In summary: A recession can be your ticket to financial freedom, but only if you act fast and with calculated precision. You may have a day job at present but one thing you don't have, unfortunately, is immunity to having your head on the chopping block when your boss decides to slash overheads to stay afloat. Employees are usually the first to go. So be very wary, no job is secure. It never has been. But you can prepare yourself by joining a work-from-home opportunity as well as making yourself available to the outsource market and working it part-time until you*re earning as much as your day job * or more. Then, you decide whether or not to fire your boss!

Submitted by:

Anthony J. Namata

Anthony J. Namata is a successful Internet Marketer and author of How to Become an International Gemstone Dealer http://www.thegemsreport.com and http://www.DiaryOfAnInternetMarketer.com



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