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Emotionally charged documentary and not for the faint of heart.
Have you ever wondered where your food came from?
Where a leather jacket comes from?

From the animals we slaughter in our counry! Wrong.
Well, from an animal we have slaughtered to consume! Wrong again.
In 95% of the cases we do not consume the meat of a animal who has provided us with leather for our cloths.

I strongly urge you to view the most interesting documentary produced in years.

Video 1 of 3 www.youtube.com/v/GhxKnys7Ryw
Video 2 of 3 www.youtube.com/v/7sRiH_Owq9U
Video 3 of 3 www.youtube.com/v/N8U9dw-9U4E

The images are the worse of the worse to bring the point home with a precision never before achieved. Human nature does NOT have to be this way and if you are one of the perpetrators in this documentary, I pray that you come to terms with and, turn from your violent way.

Also Take a look at another post regarding BEEF and reconsider your 'Super Market choice of meat if you cannot become a vegetarian.

Do we really believe that this does NOT happen, even today?

A good life and achievable life means that we who LIVE on this planet live in harmony.

So what should we eat?
We can eat meat, if we must. In the 21st century there are many, many, many more alternatives that are far more nutritious and disease free.

Am I the only one who has noticed the 'ASHEN GREY' faces of quite a lot of children? This is due to LACK of nutrients and a balanced diet.

Quick 'fast' food = quick 'short' lives.
Proper food is inexpensive and in abundance.

We are told by those who know no better 'NEWS reporters' that there is a world food shortage. Yet the planet produces in excess of 10 times more food than the entire world population can consume, including animals, without eating meat and packed with nutrition.

In the United Kingdom, �a shocking 30-40% of all food is never eaten.

The 'NEW WORD' can be controlled by the minority 'government' OR The majority 'US the People', it is our choice and we have time to make it, one choice at a time and on MASS.

REFUSE to fight in wars that are not our own, get to know your neighbours. INVESTIGATE your own choices on your own terms never be swayed by 'SKEWED STATISTICS'. Know that ALL politicians LIE about what is best for US and, what they get out of it. That no matter WHAT you call God, we all believe that there is chaotic order in our universe. Learn to become tolerant towards the beliefs others have, so that they can become tolerant of yours.

Make this EARTH 'our Mother' a place to be PROUD of, so that we can all be different and relatively safe.

Please VOTE for this post, pass it on, Show others in your comments that you WISH for a WORLD that can be travelled and that we do NOT believe what we are told by the 'AUTHORITIES'. Their time is at an END. It is time for 'US the PEOPLE' to take control.

As for freedom of information and the monitoring of what we think say and write 'I HAVE NO FEAR' I think therefore 'I AM' No-one can take that from me 'EVER' and I WILL always think it. It is my RIGHT as an ...


Submitted by:

Phil Dawson

Success by Design To veiw the documentary you can also goto my BLOGG PAGE Achievable Life


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