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The Impressive Unknown Uses Of Ceramics

Many people have not come into contact with ceramic art decorations and objects since Junior High. However, even in today�s technologically advanced society, ceramics still serve as a multi-purpose material.

What are Ceramics?

You may not remember from school, but ceramics are made by burning shaped pieces of pottery. Ceramics start out as clay, which is then formed by an artist, or student, then coated with a glaze and heated in a kiln.

This form of art was created many years ago and is still a highly touted art form today. While first used as the industry standard for making pottery, plates, bowls, and cups, the industry has moved on to more expedient and cost effective methods. However, unique, one of kind ceramic objects are highly sought after today and can be a lucrative business to highly talented artists. Of course, it takes years of style development and practice to reach such a great pinnacle, but for most artists, this form of artwork is not done with the idea of making money.

Even though the old way of making ceramics is no longer the industry standard, there is still a small market for this method. Today, a great majority of ceramic art and decoration is made by machines, never even being touched by a human hand until the final product is complete. This automation of a craft that used to be done entirely by hand has made it possible for companies to mass produce creative and diverse products; however, many artists feel that this method lacks the personal, human quality that truly makes the artwork unique.

Regardless of the many beliefs and methods involved in ceramics, here are some well known uses, as well as some not so well known uses for ceramics.

Well-Known Uses for Ceramics

Art sculptures
Kitchen wear
Kitchen tiles
Bathroom structures (toilet, bathtub)

Lesser-Known Uses for Ceramics

Dental replacements
Engine parts
Tiles on space shuttles

Up until reading this list you probably were unaware of just how diverse ceramic materials are. Ceramics can actually be used for almost everything. Though we hardly notice, ceramics play a very important role in our day to day lives. Without them we would not have many of the items listed above.

Future Uses for Ceramics

Just like plastic, scientists are just realizing the potential success ceramic material possesses, especially in regards to the medical and health industry. Ceramics are being used to help create devices that can sense our needs and automatically deliver medicine to us. Ceramics are also being experimented with in hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgeries, and may even one day replace diseased heart valves.

The possibilities ceramic materials provide are almost endless. Ceramics� amazing electric, mechanical, thermal, optical, and magnetic abilities are remarkable. From medicinal uses to technological advances, ceramics truly have a profound effect on our lives and our world. Ceramics have already changed the way we live and are now in the process of changing how long we live.

Submitted by:

Joe Goertz

More from this author at: mytechnology-magazine.com


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