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An Alternative Solution For Anyone Who Wants To Write A Novel - Articles Surfing

The phrase is well worn, *Everyone has one book in them.* Countless New Year resolutions fail because aspiring novelists fail to put pen to paper and too many conversations that start, *How's that book you*ve been planning to write,* end in, *I haven't got round to it yet.*

For many wannabe writers, the reasons for not putting pen to paper and at least starting the novel are legitimate. Time, inspiration, insufficient knowledge and lack of confidence are justifiable grounds for a lack of story * at least more often than not.

For the sizeable minority of less than exemplary reasons not to pen a new bestseller, I offer the following advice * don't write.

That's not the sort of advice you hear every day, but it's quite legitimate. Writers tend to write because they either have a drive to get a story down on paper or for the love of the craft.

In any other aspect of life, people who make excuses don't want to get their hands dirty. So why should writing be any different? Books on the subject come up with 1001 tips on how to overcome the inertia that so many would be authors suffer from. So let's consider 1002 in some more detail.

Writing for the newcomer should be pleasurable. That's regardless of how many pages have been committed to paper already. I expect there are a significant number of *started but discarded* manuscripts out there to add to the *yet to be written* stories. If you can't find the time or the inclination to write, then my advice is * don*t. It's quite simple really.

Consider the person who knows they should go to the gym, but has a list of excuses why they can't go today. The simple truth is that they would prefer to watch TV or read the paper than to exercise. They know that they ought to work out, but the desire not to is stronger.

And so it is with the aspiring writer. They may have a great idea but something is stopping them from switching on the laptop and starting to type. Again it might be TV or reading, but the bottom line is that these pastimes are more engaging than writing.

I could give you 1001 tips on how to overcome the obstacles to writing, but the reticent writer could think of 1002 reasons why it won't work for them.

What I*m not saying is that these unforthcoming authors ought not to write. Nor am I saying they will never write. What I am saying is that, at this moment in time, they should listen to what their inner voice that is trying to tell them, in so many ways, that now is not a good time.

And if now is not a good time, then that's OK. If later turns out to be the right time, they can write then. And if later isn't right, then writing a novel just wasn't to be.

The entire writing process can be hard work * even for seasoned writers. Many find editing a chore but carry on for the love of the craft. They couldn't imagine doing anything other than writing. Until you find that point in your life, don't waste any more New Year's resolutions.

How will you know when the moment is right? As they say on all the best martial arts movies * you'll just know. In simple terms, the desire to write will outweigh the reasons not to.

Submitted by:

Mark Walton

Mark Walton is the author of 28 Step Guide to Writing a Novel From Scratch, a self-help guide for writers. If you want to improve your chances of getting a story published then visit http://www.betternovelwriting.com/Novel_from_Scratch.htm and see how quickly and easily your writing can advance.



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